What Makes Ring Of Elysium A Must-Play Battle Royale Game?

As you know, ROE: Ring of Elysium is the next Battle Royale style game after some of its predecessors, like PUBG, Rules of Survival, Free Fire Battlegrounds, etc. It’s known as the successor of PUBG giving you brand new experiences with intense gunfights between skilled online opponents. Ring of Elysium is developed by Tencent, published by Garena in Southeast Asia, namely Thailand and Indonesia. It’s totally a must-play Battle Royale game for its amazing graphics, smooth performance, interesting features and more. Let’s take a deeper look into ROE!

Reasons you should give ROE a try

Reasons you should give ROE a try

There are three principal reasons for making it a must-try game:

  • It’s a free-to-play game without any microtransactions.
  • The last-man-standing feature promises to add more intensity and brutality to the game.
  • A huge and detailed map with gorgeous graphics making the battles more engaging.

From three reasons mentioned above, you can see that Ring of Elysium bears almost the same features to other predecessors, however, there are still several wonderful differences awaiting you to find out and experience in ROE, and they promise to bring you a completely different gaming experience. Even though ROE provides you with so many similar things to PUBG, it still gives you something new that surely makes Battle Royale genre more addictive as well as take it to the next level. You’re going to spend hours on battling against so many contenders from across the globe. So have all your skills ready for the fights!

About the gameplay

When you play Ring of Elysium, it will remind you of PUBG game a lot, and this is totally true, at least in terms of gameplay. Just like PUBG, you will have to fly over an island and land down on a ground where your battle will begin. When you get down, there is nothing in your hands, so you must go loot a lot of items, pick up as many weapons as possible, collect handy equipment then make good use of them to fight against others. Your only goal is to become the last survivor standing! A different point of gameplay that can be found in ROE is that it only allows 60 players in a match, which is very unlike PUBG.

About the gameplay

An interesting storyline

Ring of Elysium revolves around a mysterious company named EUROPA, and it has abducted thousands of humans for a project called “Elysium”. This is known as an experiment to find out the growth of human beings through realistic simulations. The people who got abducted into this project will have to engage in a world where they become players. This world is linked with a deadly Virtual Reality system, and it follows a rule: if the players get destroyed in that virtual world, their lives will come to an end in a real world too.

Amazing features

ROE provides you with awesome features that can’t be found in PUBG or other former Battle Royale games, at least for now. Once joining ROE, you will experience a dynamic weather system that keeps changing. Sometimes, the sun shines brightly, but then it turns into dangerous thunderstorms suddenly. With the day night cycle, you will face more challenges, like when the sun gets to the termination of its daily rotation, and cover itself right behind the horizon, which covers the entire world in shadows. Probably, these weather changes are not strong enough to create a matter to you, however, you should learn they alter the way you enjoy the game. You will have more things to concern in your mind, especially when you must reach the safe zone for your survival.

Gorgeous visuals, graphics, and a smooth performance

In Ring of Elysium, you will experience gorgeous visuals and amazing graphics that make the game more entertaining as well as take the battle royale games to the higher level. ROE can stand out from the crowd thanks to its realistic visuals well mixed with a science-fiction appearance.

Although Ring of Elysium is still in closed beta, it runs very smoothly, which is one of the greatest things drawing the attention of people who are big fans of Battle Royale style games. The performance of ROE seems to never drop, even though it features the dynamic weather and day/night cycle. This will brings players such a smooth experience.