Ring of Elysium Get More Credits

Most of the players, who are the big fans of Battle Royale Survival Shooter games, have become aware of a new PC shooter game with the familiar gameplay called Ring of Elysium. ROE: Ring of Elysium is created by Tencent, but it is published in only two South East Asian countries for now by Garena, including Thailand and Indonesia. The gameplay of ROE is just similar to a famous predecessor named PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The players also have to search for weapons, supplies, items in order to kill each other to become the last man standing.

Besides familiar gameplay, ROE also features some nice options for the players to explore, especially the clothing options. You will be able to customize your own character following your style, which makes you become more outstanding on the battleground. But, it’s not simply to unlock clothing items because you are required to have a good amount of Credits which are known as an in-game currency. You need to carry out a lot of tasks, earn nice results so as to get a lot of Credits. It’s not difficult to gain Credits for yourself. Let’s take a deeper look at how to obtain more credits in ROE!

Earning more Credits in ROE

It’s so simple and easy to earn more Credits in Ring of Elysium, so you shouldn’t get too much anxious about this. The first important thing you need to do is to play the game. Try to perform your abilities during the battle, play with good strategies so you can finish a match. Every single match you complete, you will obtain Credits as a reward. At the conclusion of the match screen, it will show you how many Credits you are gaining, regardless of you get destroyed or win. Nevertheless, you still need to learn several crucial things that will have an effect on the number of Credits you will earn.

First of all, your current rank in the game will play an important role in deciding the number of Credits you obtain. It’s easier and faster to get Credits in ROE than in PUBG because the total number of players joining ROE is only 50, while PUBG contains up to 100 players. You are supposed to wipe out as many opponents as possible, and more importantly, you have to remain alive until the end of the match. By doing these, you will surely earn a lot of Credits.

There are three discrepant elements that have a direct effect on the number of Credits you get, including rank, the number of kills you have gained, as well as the amount of damage you dished out. If you carry out all of three elements in the battle, the points will be added and will be converted into Credits to award you at the conclusion of the match. You are encouraged to increase your rank as much as possible for a lot of points. In addition, you shouldn’t forget to slay your opponents and deal damage to them more. Among those three elements, rank is a significant one that will give more Credits to you than the number of kills and damage you gave out.

Earning more Credits in ROE

From the screenshot above, you will now learn what the end of the match screen looks like. It displays a lot of useful info that you have to know, also, you can check how far you made a journey, how long you remained alive, as well as the points you gained. Make sure you won’t ignore the screen at the end of the match! You need to pay attention to all numbers because they are very important and will decide the numberĀ of Credits you will be rewarded. When you earn a lot of Credits, you can spend them on new outfits, nice clothes, and awesome items for your character.