Ring of Elysium Unlock New Clothes

Ring of Elysium is a hot Battle Royale game for PC developed by Tencent and published by Garena. It consists of plenty of wonderful features for the players to experience, especially clothing items. It’s not hard to unlock brand new clothes in the game! Surely you will want to find out how to customize your character with your own style. All you have to do is to follow every single given step! Let’s dive into the detailed guide below now!

How to unlock new clothes

It’s such an easy task to unlock brand new clothes in the game. Credits is a crucial element you need to save up if you want to carry out this task. The credits are the currency that uses in the game. Players will be awarded a good number of credits every time they finish a match. Based on your general overall performance in every match, you will obtain a lot of credits. There are some good ways you should follow if you want to make more Credits in each match, such as killing further enemies, staying alive longer, traversing across the map and more. Try your hardest to do more than that in order to increase the number of your Credits.

After you have earned a certain number of credits, now, you need to move to the Reward Tab shown at the menu. You will begin to buy some crates at here, and the number of crates that you buy can be up to 8. Crates contain a lot of clothing items with new equipment. Be sure to purchase a bunch of crates if you want to earn more clothes.

new equipment and clothing items

500 Credits is the price that you have to pay for the first crate. You will have to pay more Credits to purchase every next crate.

Credits to purchase every next crate

After you have bought a crate, it will be automatically moved to your Vault. You can get access to it through the Vault tab displayed on the menu at the top of your screen.

Vault tab displayed on the menu at the top

Now you need to reach the vault, and use the right mouse button on the crate you can unlock it. Don’t forget to check out the screen with your reward afterwards.

Clothes in Ring of Elysium

You are highly recommended to learn some useful information about the clothing items in ROE. The game consists of several discrepant kinds of clothes that you are able to unlock and obtain, which is completely different from other predecessors, like PUBG, Rules of Survival, etc. The unlocks are long-lasting. That means the items can be unlocked for your account for always. You will have a chance to explore three kinds of unlocks available in the game, such as a 3-day unlock, 7-day unlock and 30-day unlock. When you achieve the timed unlocks, they are accessible for a certain period of time.

Unlocking clothing items are kind of easy, and this is totally true because everybody can do it. After you have done unlocking one, you will start moving to the Appearance tab to begin customizing your character. You can pick what outfit you want to put on the character. Sadly, it’s impossible to switch your real character appearance, therefore, you will have to put up with any kind of hair and face that you picked to customize your character at the starting. Please keep this in mind before you decide to set up.

And that’s all for the guide on how to unlock new clothes in ROE: Ring of Elysium. Surely you will find it amusing and easy to obtain a lot of outfits with awesome rewards from the crates you can purchase using your earned Credits. This can be an amazing feature you will experience throughout the game. Let’s begin to enter the combat, fight against enemies, earn more Credits for plenty of crates!