Battle royale survival games are creating hot waves in the gaming community, and ROE: Ring of Elysium is no exception. The game is created by Tencent, published by Garena in the South East Asian area. It is considered as another PUBG-inspired shooter game that is extremely challenging to conquer. All players will engage in a new combat that is much more intense, and they must fight for their ultimate survival. If this survival genre with battle royale style is your favorite thing, you should come play the game now to experience more challenges. A specific guide on how to play Ring of Elysium game will be very important all players, especially the newbies!

About Ring of Elysium game

Just like PUBG and other Battle Royale games, Ring of Elysium also focuses on an intense battle in which players must kill each other for their ultimate survival. It’s true to say that ROE has a familiar gameplay, but its story will be different. It revolves around a mysterious company named EUROPA that is working on a project called “Elysium”. To carry out the experiment, they had abducted numerous humans and forced them to join the test. By doing so, the growth of humans will be tested through a realistic simulation. The humans who joined the test will enter a virtual world that is full of dangers. In this world, they need to begin the fight and remain alive until they become the last man standing.

An important thing about the combat is that if the players die in that world, their lives will be over in the real world too. All of the old memories they have will be gone once entering the world. Nobody is armed with gears, equipment, and weapons yet, so they need to roam around some places to pick new items, weapons, as well as many useful accessories. After finding some, you should begin to use them to attack your opponents. Don’t forget to develop some good strategies in order to get an edge over others. Everybody is fighting to get a chance of becoming the last one that survives, so this battle is getting harder and harder when you go deeper into the game.

How to play ROE

Ring of Elysium is downloadable for free and you can play it on PC, which is unlike other Battle Royale games that you need to purchase. Before entering the game, you’d better check out a useful guide on how to get access to it!

The first thing you need to do is to go to these links below:

  • Garena Client:
  • Process Hacker:

Then, you begin to download Garena Client, register an account for yourself.

Log into the Client, open the Settings at the top, and switch your current location to Thailand.

Log into the Client

Now, ROE game pop up on the front Store Page. Click it and select the Green Download button.

Click right mouse on Garena Desktop App, select Properties.

You will see the Target box, and at the end of it, you need to put a space, then type -toggleapp 32838

Target box

Begin the ProcessHacker, then launch Ring of Elysium

When the game is finished loading, you need to Tab out to ProcessHacker, then find the Europa_Client.exe

Click right mouse on it, choose Properties.

Garena Desktop App

Click on the Magnifying Glass shown at the end of “Command Line”, then you begin to copy the text.

Make a text file on the desktop, then name it into “English ROE”, after that, you type this: @echo off

Press Enter several times, then paste the code into the text file that was copied to clipboard.

ROE English Bat

Now you search for the “language=th”, once you see it, just simply switch “th” to “en”.

Make sure the text file is saved as a .BAT file. You are able to start the game from that file.

Close the game, and restart it from the .BAT file you have just made.