Are There Any Bots in Ring of Elysium?

Ring of Elysium has been released recently in Thailand and Indonesia by Garena. It was developed by Tencent and known as a PUBG-inspired Battle Royale Shooter game. There is no denying that ROE is making another hot phenomenon all over the world when it keeps drawing the attention of numerous players, even though it’s just available in two countries mentioned above. But the international players will still be able to get access to it by downloading and translating it into English. One of the biggest questions that most of the players are curious about is whether they are destroying real players or bots in the game. Let’s take a chance to learn more about this matter now!

Are there any Bots in ROE?

This question caused bewilderment among the gaming community. This is obviously true when players wonder about the bots in the game because at the moment, ROE is just available in Thailand and Indonesia, so the number of players joining may get limited, probably causing the matchmaking to be imbalanced. That’s the reason why they were curious if the bots showed up or not to keep the balance. In addition, another reason is that sometimes when they came across some opponents in the battle, they found that the enemies seemingly just stood still without trying to get away from dangers. This has made them think that there are probably some bots in the game. But for now, there isn’t any official statement from the developers on this matter, therefore, nobody surely knows.

What made players think that there are bots in the game?

As mentioned above, some players have confronted with some strange enemies. Why strange here? Because when the players shot directly at them, rather than turning around to shoot them back, they started to run in a straight line away from the ones that shot at them. Apparently, these players have weird behaviors, and some people have reported this to the development team. They also thought this could be real players that were inexperienced and had no strategies to fight back, or it could be desync since the servers are now located in Thailand. Also, they didn’t exclude the chance of having in-game bots in the name of the enemy.

Bots in Ring of Elysium

Some players have conjectured that the bots only appear in Solo game mode. According to some people, the reason why bots turned up in the solo mode was to decrease load times because of the small player base that was planned to be. No official confirmation from the development team on this issue yet! Therefore, it still remains unsure.

Having bots or not, it’s still not a big problem

To sum up, having bots in the game or not is still a mystery now and there is no official answer from the developers yet. However, whether there are bots in the game or not, this won’t become a big problem when ROE: Ring of Elysium is such a great Battle Royale game for all players to enjoy, especially those who are big fans of this kind of genre. It’s true to say that ROE can become the next awesome successor of PUBG when it offers gorgeous graphics and features to the players. With familiar yet challenging gameplay, surely you will undergo plenty of intense yet engaging battles.

Ring of Elysium will not just stop in Thailand and Indonesia, even though there is no official announcement on launching the game in other countries or even worldwide featured the English language. With its attraction, the game has captured many hearts of players no matter where they come from. The players will become very excited about the game in the forthcoming time when it promises to launch new updates. You can consider downloading and installing ROE, then translating it into English right now rather than waiting for the English version to come out. There are some useful guides on how to install and translate the game. Hope you have a fun with it!