Ring of Elysium Download and Install

Ring of Elysium is a PUBG-inspired survival shooter game following the battle royale concept. Tencent and Garena have cooperated with each other to create this with the hope of giving the players brand new challenges as well as a better gaming experience. As you know, lots of battle royal survival games have been released recently, and they are creating numerous hot phenomena in the whole gaming community, and ROE is no exception. At the moment, the game is only available in Thailand and Indonesia, but you can hope that it will become available on over the world in the forthcoming time. Although the game is just approachable in two countries (mentioned above), you can still play it by translating it into English. Let’s grab a chance to find out how to download and install ROE game!

Download Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is developed by Tencent and published by Garena. Different from other battle royale games, this one is only accessible through Garena that is known as the third party application. You are recommended to download this app at its official website, register an account, and log into it.

Download Ring of Elysium at here

Since the game is only accessible in Thailand, you will have to switch your current area to Thailand in the General tab in Settings.

Ring of Elysium is currently in Thailand

Now, let’s get ready to begin the installation process after changing your region. You must download the game first, and during the download process, you go to Source Forge where you can download Process Hack. You will get some awesome info that you will push the English translation of the game to your game client.

After you’re done downloading, now you need to start it and launch Process Hacker. Go the task menu to find the app called Europa_Client.exe. Then, click the right mouse button on it, select “Properties”, and the menu will be opened.

Launch Process Hacker

You try to search for the line “Command Line”, then copy the information. After that, you open the Notepad, copy that info into it, and it will be like this as shown below:

D:\Garena\ROE\32838\Europa_Client.exe” -garena -token=xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx== -uid=xxxx-language=th -server=login1101.game.roe.garena.in.th:8001

Start to add some content to the command line, and it will be like this when you finish:

@echo off

D:\Garena\ROE\32838\Europa_Client.exe” -garena -token=xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx== -uid=xxxx-language=en -server=login1101.game.roe.garena.in.th:8001


The TH in the command line needs to be changed to say EN because this is the gist source of the English translation.

You need to remember that the Xed out components shown in the command line are known as the user specific. Therefore, your command line needs to remain secret, and you mustn’t share it with anybody else. If you share it with somebody, they will be able to get access to your specific account of the game, allowing them to approach all of your content.

After editing the command line, you need to save the notepad file as a .bat file and make sure you put it a place that you won’t forget. Then, you can shut the game and exit the Process Hacker. When you’re not into the third-party applications on the computer, just delete it from your PC if you want. When the .bat file is launched, ROE will be launched automatically too, and you will now be able to enjoy the English version of the game.

ROE be translated into English

You need to always remember that this is not an official English version of ROE. The developers could probably solve this method of translating the game anytime. You can wait for the official English version release or a new version launched in another region if you don’t feel like doing this translating stuff. But after all, hopefully, you will find the instructions on how to download and install ROE game above much useful and easier.

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