Ring of Elysium PC Download

Ring of Elysium (Garena ROE) is another Shooter Survival game with Battle Royale concept. The game is created by Tencent and released by Garena in the South East Asian area. You will experience a lot of dangerous elements in this survival game. Also, this will be a great chance for you to come across new opponents from across the world. ROE is expected to take survival adventure genre to a new level, and it brings you something more challenging yet engaging than its predecessor, namely PUBG.

As you know, PUBG is also a well-known Multiplayer Survival game that was released worldwide, and ROE can be considered as the successor that can do a better job or bring you further challenges. To play ROE, you just simply download it for free, then install it on your computer, which is much different from PUBG when you have to purchase the game. All of the graphics in ROE were made by a modern engine called QuickSilver X, which lets the players experience lots of scenic views. At the moment, ROE: Ring of Elysium is just available in two countries, including Thailand and Indonesia. Hopefully, the international version will be coming out in the forthcoming time.

About Ring of Elysium game

Ring of Elysium focuses on a brutal battle where survival is the main goal of everybody. Can it be considered as another clone of PUBG? Probably yes, but this is just somewhat true because ROE game brings you a completely different story with a familiar gameplay.

The entire game is set in a large battleground where 100 players must battle and kill each other. There is a story explaining why players have to enter this combat. A mysterious company named EUROPA had kidnapped numerous human beings and used them for an experiment. The people working for this company implemented a project called “Elysium” with the purpose of testing the growth of humans through a realistic simulation. All humans who were examined must join a deadly virtual world. They don’t know what is waiting for them ahead, and they were told to fight for their ultimate survival because if they die in this world, it means their lives will come to an end in the real world as well.

The old memories of the players will be completely deleted after setting their footsteps into the virtual world. Now they will create the new ones! The gameplay is kind of the same as PUBG. You spawn in the battleground as an unarmed survivor, so you need to move around some locations to search for weapons, items, supplies, etc., then utilize them carefully to shoot down your opponents before you get shot. Remember, dying is ending! Therefore, you need to play with good strategies to wipe out your enemies. Attempt to remain alive for a chance of becoming the last man that survives!

About Ring of Elysium game

In-game mode

Garena ROE Survival also presents to you some interesting game modes, including solo mode, duo mode, and squad mode. You can choose the mode you like prior to entering the battleground. The game will take you to an abandoned island with so many corners and places to discover. You need to reach those places to hunt for weapons, items, accessories, and other useful stuff. Gear up yourself carefully then begin to shoot down your opponents. You must protect yourself all the time, stay away from dangerous places, or else you will die. If you play with a team, make sure you work with your allies, share experiences, help each other so that you guys can win.

The graphics of ROE: Ring of Elysium Survival game were strongly improved and optimized in the hope of bringing a better gaming experience to all players. Thanks to the upgraded graphics, the players will feel this real virtual world much better. With a realistic physical interaction featured in ROE, you will be able to stay in the air, on the ground, and on the surface of the water when fighting against the enemies.

Garena ROE promises to become one of the best survival multiplayer shooter games with Battle Royale style. Make sure you won’t miss a chance to explore this new one and prepare yourself for a brutal battle that is awaiting you ahead!

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